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The word, "Sensei" is a term in Chinese and Japanese honorifics that means, "teacher" or "the one who comes before." Both a dedicated student and teacher, Sensei Robert believes in creating a path for others as they strengthen mind, body and spirit. He is a Veteran of the United States Air Force and servant leader who guides others in discovering empowerment, well-being and purpose through the practice of martial arts.

Sensei Robert holds certifications in Medical Qigong and Qigong Fitness under the teachings of Grand Master Michael Leone of Zen Wellness Center and is a member of the National Qigong Association and the Qigong Institute. He also earned his first degree black belt in the Israeli self-defense system, Krav Maga, under the instruction of Tim Rook of Premier Martial Arts and holds a second degree black belt and Instructor Certifications with Premier Martial Arts International.


A bi-lingual Native of Bronx, New York, Sensei Robert speaks both English and Spanish enabling him to teach, coach and work with diverse client and student populations. When not teaching and coaching students, Sensei Robert volunteers to support women's self-defense clinics with local police departments, instructs teens and adult classes for Premier Martial Arts, and is a student of Combat Hapkido under the instruction of Master John Scali, 7th Dan in Combat Hapkido and 1st Dan in Pressure Point Fighting. As an avid supporter of community safety, Sensei Robert also is a long-time volunteer with the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) for the City of Manassas, Virginia.

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